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Coach Cristen Andrews, Personal Lacrosse Training

Mission Statement

The primary goal of the agility and conditioning sessions is to develop highly skilled athletes through designing and administering structured programs, which will improve overall athletic ability and reduce the occurrence of athletic injuries.

Each session within the program is designed to achieve peak physical performance for any field or court sport. Methods used include dynamic stretching, sprint/running technique and evaluation, aerobic, anaerobic and plyometric exercises. Training programs will be altered and modified based on physical evaluations in order to bring about desired results. Factors such as age, flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance are taken into consideration.

Outline of Curriculum

A session is 45 minutes long and will be divided into 3 parts: Sprint Dynamics, Max Speed Intervals, and Endurance Conditioning. 

Sprint Dynamics: This part of a session will break down sprint technique and proper running form.  Footwork and core stability will be emphasized has we develop the athletes body awareness and strength.

Maximum Speed Intervals: The second part will begin to test an athlete’s running strength and power.  It will focus more on max speed sprint intervals and circuits. Drills will consist of doing interval exercises at 100% effort with maximum rest.

Endurance Conditioning: The third series of sessions will concentrate on longer distance endurance exercises with very limited rest.  With these drills, we will cover technique and mental toughness in order to be successful with these sorts of fitness tests.

Each athlete will receive a detailed training plan for each session that they attend. I will be emailing this to each athlete after the session (please provide email address). This can be used for practice and workouts outside of our sessions.  

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